How to easily change to uppercase text in Microsoft Excel 2016 and 2019?

Applicable to: Excel 2019, 2016, 2013; Office 365 and standard suites; Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS operating systems.

I usually forget to capitalize when needed. Office often automatically changes the first letter of a sentence into uppercase by default. But what if we want to convert the entire sentence or cell contents to uppercase? In this post we will learn about uppercasing entire sentence contents in Word and Excel.

Change to upper case in Excel worksheets

Using a formula

The easiest way to change from small to capital letters in Excel is by using the UPPER formula.

Its syntax is UPPER (text); so in case that for example cell A1 has your lower case text, you could write it in all CAPS in cell B1, by assigning the following formula content to B1:


Using a keyboard shortcut

This is quite simple. Just highlight the relevant cells and keep pushing Shift + F3, until you achieve the correct capitalization

Note: the same command can be be used in a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro.

Using Flash fill

In Excel, we can change a sentence’s case by using Flash fill option.We will discuss procedure using an example.

  • Select the cells to which the words case has to be changed.
2015-10-17 21_27_10-Book1 - Excel
  • To change the words to upper case, in C3 cell type the same word with upper case.
2015-10-17 21_29_54-Book1 - Excel
  • Now, click on Data in the ribbon and select Flash fill in the Data tools to make other words with upper cases.
2015-10-17 21_30_42-Book1 - Excel
  • To make a word in Proper case, in C3 cell type the same word with capitalizing first letter.
2015-10-17 21_31_58-Book1 - Excel
  • Again click on Flash fill in the data ribbon to change the word to proper case.
2015-10-17 21_32_40-Book1 - Excel

Convert sentences to upper case in Word

  • Open your Word document and select the sentence that you want in CAPS, as shown below:
2015-10-17 21_21_07-CSE317 - HCI 2M AND 8 MARKS( unit 1 to 5) [Compatibility Mode] - Word
  • Now press Shift+F3 key once to capitalize each word in the selected sentence.
2015-10-17 21_21_45-CSE317 - HCI 2M AND 8 MARKS( unit 1 to 5) [Compatibility Mode] - Word
  • Press the key twice to change the whole sentence with upper case.
2015-10-17 21_23_56-CSE317 - HCI 2M AND 8 MARKS( unit 1 to 5) [Compatibility Mode] - Word

Alternative procedure:

  • In your Word document, select the sentence and click on Change case drop box in the Home ribbon.
2015-10-17 21_25_36-CSE317 - HCI 2M AND 8 MARKS( unit 1 to 5) [Compatibility Mode] - Word
  • Select Sentence case to capitalize the first letter of a word in the sentence.
  • Select lower case to change the whole sentence with lower case.
  • Select Upper case to change the whole sentence with upper case.
  • Select Capitalize each word to capitalize each word in the selected sentence.
  • Select tOGGLE cASE to change the lower case to upper case and vice versa.

Word and Excel change case with VBA Macros

Couple readers asked whether it would be possible to automate case change with VBA Macros.

You are able to easily record a Macro in Word or Excel that will allow you to capitalize selection or rane – being it a paragraph, column, cell etc’. You can even link the macro to a button so it’s easier to invoke when needed.

Hope it helps 🙂

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