How to convert a date to a string in Python and Pandas?

In this data analysis tutorial we will learn how to cast datetime objects to strings in general Python programming tasks and during Data Analysis.

Cast a date to string in Python

We will Let’s create a datetime object:

import datetime 
my_date = datetime.datetime(2023,12,1)

We will get the following date object:

2023-12-01 00:00:00

If we look at its type we’ll see that is datetime.datetime.

We can easily transform this variable to string using the strftime formatter, which casts dates to string using the format you specify. Make sure to specify the required time units that you would like to see.

my_date_str = my_date.strftime ('%d-%m-%y')
print ( my_date_str )

This returns : 01-12-23.

my_date_str = my_date.strftime('%Y%m%d') 
print ( my_date_str )

Returns the a string in yyyymmdd format: 20231101

Obviously, if w check the the Python object type, we’ll see it is a string.

type(my_date_str )

Convert a pandas column containing dates to string

Next case that we’ll see is how to cast a pandas DataFrame column that contains date values to strings.

Create a DataFrame

# Initialize DataFrame

import pandas as pd

dates = pd.date_range(start='10/10/2023', periods = 5, freq = 'B' )
revenue = [381, 428, 239, 465, 564]

data = pd.DataFrame(dict(dates=dates, revenue=revenue))


Let’s look into the DataFrame first rows:


And if we look at the pandas data types we see that the dates column type is a datetime64.

dates      datetime64[ns]
revenue             int64
dtype: object

Using the strftime formatter

Converting to string is once again, very easy thanks to the pandas dt accessor function that you can use on a pandas column (Series object). To cast the column values use the following snippet

data['dates'] = data['dates'].dt.strftime('%Y%m%d')

This return the following values – note that the data type of the column is now an object which is used by pandas to represent strings (among other objects).

0    20231010
1    20231011
2    20231012
3    20231013
4    20231016
Name: dates, dtype: object

Using the pandas astype() Series method

Another option is to use the astype() function:

data['dates'] = data['dates'].astype('string')

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