GMail configuration settings for setup in Outlook for Windows

Applicability: Office 365, 2019, 2016,2013. Windows operating systems.

Here’s a question from Selena:

I used to read only my Microsoft Outlook mail in Outlook 2016. But I’ve heard that i can also use Outlook to access my Gmail on Outlook. Is so, how to configure Gmail mailboxes in Outlook 2016/2019?

Thanks. Read further to learn how to add your Gmail mailboxes into Microsoft Outlook. We wrote this post in Office 2016, but the process is not much different in subsequent Office 365 versions.

Setup configuration for GMail on Outlook 2016

Important Note: If you are using a MAC OSX operating system, you might want to look at our guide for adding GMail to Outlook on MAC.

Windows users, kindly proceed as following:

  • Open your Outlook, click on File and select Add Account in Info menu.
  • In the Auto Account Setup, check on Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.
  • Then, check on POP or IMAP and click Next.
  • Enter Name and Email address of your Gmail account in the given blank space.
  • In the Server information, set Account Settings as POP3.
  • Incoming Mail :
  • Outgoing Mail: .
  • Enter your Gmail Account password in the Logon Information.
2015-10-12 22_53_38-Add Account
  • Click on More Settings … select Outgoing service and check on Use same settings as my incoming server.
2015-10-12 20_24_04-Internet E-mail Settings
  • Click on Advance menu and enter the following accordingly in the space provided.
2015-10-12 22_38_54-Internet E-mail Settings
  • Enter 993 in Incoming server (POP) and select SSL in Encrypted connection.
  • Enter 465 in outgoing server (SMTP) and select SSL in Encrypted connection.
  • Click OK .
  • Back in Add Account dialog box, hit Next.
  • You are all set!

In case of questions, feel free to leave us a comment.

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  1. Note: In the section: Click on More Settings … select Outgoing service and check on Use same settings as my incoming server; this did not work for me; I had to select Log On Using and enter my user ID and password for my account.

  2. I have Outlook 2016 and Yahoo. Tried to configure Microsoft to Yahoo and followed your directions . Did not work…

  3. Hi I having problem to have my Gmail onto my outlook. I have follow your advise but still cannot logon. can someone advise me how get it done. Your assistant is very much appreciated

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