How to combine two or more cells or columns in Excel 365 & 2019?

Here’s a question from Nanda:

“I need to copy list of names available in spreadsheet into a simple text document to then import it into a legacy information system we use at work. But when I copy the Excel columns to the clipboard and then paste in Notepad, it all goes wrong. Can you help to merge the first and last name into the same column so i can then export it to the Text file”

Sure. Read on for the details.

Merge columns using the concatenation function

Let us use a simple example to showcase the process. You’ll obviously need to apply the steps below to your data.

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet that contain the columns you might need to merge as shown below:
2015-10-18 23_38_59-Book1 - Excel
  • In this example the first name and the last name has to be merged in the Full Name column.
  • In the C2 cell type =CONCATENATE (A2, ” ” ,B2).

Here A2 is Vinod and B2 is Mvd. The ” “ represents a space between A2 and B2.

2015-10-18 23_41_47-Book1 - Excel
  • Now we can see the merged name.
  • After this just drag the green bottom pointer to the end of the names.
2015-10-18 23_42_42-Book1 - Excel

Concatenate using Excel Auto fill

Using the auto fill functions we can easily merge names into one column. No need of using the formulas. Just by entering the column number we can merge the names in one cell. Read further for the procedure.

  • Open your spreadsheet and place the cursor click on the blank space where the names has to be placed.
  • Now, click on Home in the ribbon and select the drop down box of Auto Sum in the Editing menu.
2015-10-18 23_44_09-Book1 - Excel
  • Select more functions, in the select category click All.
2015-10-18 23_45_40-Insert Function
  • Search for concatenate function and click OK.
2015-10-18 23_46_41-Insert Function
  • In the text 1, select the column by clicking on the icon in the text box.
2015-10-18 23_47_22-Function Arguments
  • Similarly for other text columns and select OK to merge the columns.

That’s it. This is how we can merge names in same column.

Thanks for reading.. 🙂

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