How to modify your Zoom meeting topic and time?

Here’s a question we received from Rick:

Hello folks, just starting out with Zoom sometime ago and have a simple question. I need to make a couple of changes to an existing meeting, such as the topic and meeting password. Is that even possible after i have sent the meeting via Outlook. If so, how to easily accomplish that? Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the question, here’s our answer.

Modify an existing meeting topic in Zoom

Meeting focus and participants might change from time to time, so you might need to update the meeting topic. It’s actually quite simple.

  • Open Zoom.
  • To your right you’ll see the list of scheduled meetings.
  • Locate the single or recurrent meeting you would like to adjust.
  • In our case, that would be Eddy’s meeting, as shown below.
  • Go ahead and hit the 3-dots … next to the meeting name.
  • Now select Edit.
  • Go ahead and modify the meeting topic, time, duration and time zone as needed. See below:
  • Once done, hit the Save button.

Per the Calendar settings specified in the meeting, Zoom will now invoke Outlook, Google Calendar or prompt you to save the new meeting details as an ics (calendar file) or copy it to the clipboard . As the meeting organizer, you should go ahead and re-send the modified meeting invitation to your fellow participants, so everyone is up to speed with your modifications.

Change your Zoom meeting password

A follow up question i got was on modifying a specific meeting password, that is generated typically for participants dialing into a Zoom meeting.

The process is pretty similar to the one we outlined in the previous section of this article.

  • First off, open your meeting invitation for editing.
  • Then navigate to the Security section.
  • Next, manually modify the password.
  • Hit on Save.
  • Resend the new meeting details via Outlook, Google Calendar or your preferred calendar provider.