How to add a profile picture to Zoom Meetings on Windows and Android?

Here’s a question from our reader, Anita:

I would like to know whether is there a way to change my display photo in the Zoom Meetings application so that i can use a my own custom image both on Windows and Android. I have tried a couple of tutorials in other websites but no pic is showing for my profile during meetings. Could you explain how do i add a photo to my profile in Zoom?

Thanks for your question. Yes, you can obviously change the profile picture in the Zoom application. In this post, we’ll learn how to customize the profile pic both in Windows computers and Android tables and mobile devices.

Put a Zoom profile photo on Windows and MAC

  • On your Windows desktop, open your Zoom application.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the profile picture avatar found at the top right.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select the Profile option under the newly opened window.
  • If you hover over your profile picture, you’ll see the Edit option.
  • Click on it and then go ahead and select Change Picture.
  • Select a picture from your hard drive, Onedrive, Dropbox or other media library.
  • Once the picture size is changed and cropped, hit Save.

Change profile photo on Android

  • From your Android mobile phone or tablet desktop, open your Zoom app.
  • Next, go ahead and select Settings at the bottom right.
  • Click on the option where you have your username and email ID.
  • Click on the Profile Photo.
  • You can choose between the option Take Photo (Upload a live picture) and Choose Photo to upload an existing image from your Android phone photo gallery.
  • That’s it for today, enjoy Zoom!