How to set the default font in Outlook 365 email messages?

I would say that most Microsoft Office users tend to use the default Office fonts. That said, chances are that you might want customize the look and feel of their Outlook messages; as well as add a signature to your emails. In today’s tutorial has a very simple procedure that will help you to quickly modify the default font size, type and format for Microsoft Outlook new emails, as well as for your replying and forwarding of emails. Read on for the details on how to modify your Outlook fonts properties. The details below are relevant for Outlook 365/2019 and 2016.

Change fonts format in Outlook

  • First off, go ahead and open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Click on File in the top navigation pane.
  • Next, go ahead and select Options.
  • From the left hand side pane, hit Mail.
  • Next, go ahead and under the Compose messages section.
  • Then, click the Stationery and Fonts button.
  • To change the font of the new receiving emails, click Font under New mail messages and select your preferred font formats.
  • If you want to replace the font type for your replies and forwards, go to the Reply or Forward messages section, then hit on the Font button and pick your preferred font.
  • Apply the same techniques for plain text messages.

I hope this procedure has helped you modify the default font in Outlook. Thanks!