How to modify bullets coloring in Word?

Here’s a question from Diane:

I would like to go ahead and create a bulleted list in Word. By default, all bullets (or numbers if that’s a numbered lists) are colored black. Question is whether there is a way to switch the bullets to a different color, say red?

Sure Diane. Please read on this tutorial which is applicable for all Office 2016 applications.

Change bullet point colors

In Word:

  • Open your Word document, go to Home and click on the drop down box of bulletin in the paragraph menu.
  • Hit Define New Bullet…
2015-09-24 13_01_10-
  • Click on Font in the bullet character.
2015-09-24 13_02_09-Define New Bullet
  • In the font color choose needed color for your bullet point and Hit OK.
2015-09-24 13_03_00-Font

In Excel

Office does not provide bullet option in Excel and OneNote separately. So to use bulletin read the procedure below.

  • Open your excel spreadsheet and select Symbols in the Insert ribbon.
2015-09-24 13_06_18-Book1 - Excel
  • Select anyone of the symbols to use as a bulletin, hit Insert and select Close.
2015-09-24 13_07_03-Symbol
  • Now select all the inserted cell, click on the bottom right of the cell and drag to insert the same bullet point to the other cells.
2015-09-24 13_08_19-Book1 - Excel
  • To color the bullet point, select the inserted cells and click Home.
  • In the font click on the drop down box of font color and select your needed color.
2015-09-24 13_09_46-Book1 - Excel

In PowerPoint:

  • In your PowerPoint presentation, click on Home and select Bullet in paragraph menu.
2015-09-24 13_17_32-Presentation1 - PowerPoint
  • Now, click on the drop down box in bullet and select Bullets and Numbering.
2015-09-24 13_18_42-Presentation1 - PowerPoint
  • Click on the color and select your needed colors for you bullet point.
2015-09-24 13_19_42-Presentation1 - PowerPoint

In OneNote:

  • Open your OneNote notebook page, click on Insert and select the drop down box in Symbols to use it as Bullet point.
2015-09-24 13_12_17-
  • Select the Bulletin, click Home and select font color in Basic Text to change the bullet color.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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