How to work with Message and Input Boxes in PowerPoint VBA?

Going through the comments, i have seen a couple of reader questions on how to work with Visual Basic Input and Message boxes in PowerPoint. In this tutorial we’ll provide a very basic foundational knowledge to help you use those capabilities when automating your presentation creation. Setting up the Developer Tab First off, we’ll need … Read more

How to subset a dataframe by one or multiple columns?

When trying to make sense of a large DataFrame in Pandas, you might need to subset it by columns and rows. In this tutorial we’ll show the most prevalent use cases of column partitioning your DataFrame. We’ll start by setting up our example DataFrame, which we’ll do by running the following Python code in our … Read more

How to create and insert shapes in PowerPoint with VBA?

Couple days ago, i wanted to automate the rather mundane task of creating some PowerPoint slides. When automating PowerPoint you typically work with the Slides and Shapes collection. Slides is rather self explanatory, and shapes is pretty much everything else including text boxes, action buttons, media objects, labels, pictures, callouts, flowcharts and so on and … Read more