Fix the No module named keras error in Python

In this tutorial we will learn to troubleshoot import errors related to the keras Deep Learning library. You might encounter this error when trying to call one of the library modules such as engine.topology, api, preprocessing, applications etc’ from your Python program. Below is an example of No modulenamed ‘keras’ in Jupyter: Why Python displays … Read more

How to keep specific columns in a Pandas DataFrame?

In today’s tutorial we’ll go through several examples in which we’ll subset Pandas DataFrame and keep certain specific columns for our analysis. Example DataFrame We will start by defining a DataFrame which we will populate with fictitious data. You can use the provided data to follow along this tutorial. Here’s a quick view of our … Read more

How to append multiple Pandas DataFrames?

In today’s tutorial we’ll learn how to concatenate two or more DataFrames having the same columns in Pandas. This will come very handy in cases that you receive several comma separated value (CSV) files or Excel spreadsheets that you need to merge together before starting your Data Analysis process. Creating example data Let’s start by … Read more