How to group by multiple columns in R DataFrames?

To aggregate data in an R dataFrame you can use the code below: Aggregating R data by multiple categorical variables Step 1: Install dplyr package If the dplyr package is not yet installed in your environment make sure to install it using the following command: Alternatively consider installing tidyverse, which is a mega library of … Read more

Modulenotfounderror no module named torch in Python

TL; DR: Fix the no module named pytorch exception You will get a modulenotfounderror exception when trying to invoke one of the pytorch modules before you have installed the torch package in your Python development environment. You can use the Anaconda prompt to invoke conda; or alternatively invoke the Python Package installer (pip) to install … Read more

Drop pandas DataFrame columns not working – how to fix?

In this short tutorial we’ll learn how to troubleshoot issues related one of the most basic tasks when wrangling pandas DataFrames: removing columns off your DataFrame. Can’t drop pandas columns Let’s assume that you are working with the following DataFrame: This will return the following data set: month office salary 0 November Osaka 134.0 1 … Read more