How to cancel read receipts in Teams chats?

Here’s a quick question from Katy:

My organization is a pretty heavy user of Microsoft Teams in several departments: purchasing, marketing, sales and finance. As a marketing coordinator, i get several dozens of chat messages on a daily basis. As i am quite swamped with work (who isn’t?) i read through the chat notifications, but not able to process most. The thing is that senders of those messages are able to tell if i read their messages as the “eye icon” read notice is displayed next to their messages in Teams chat. So here’s my question: is there a way to remove the read receipts from Teams?

Remove Teams read receipts on chat

Thanks for the question. Before addressing your specific question, i wanted to remind everyone working heavily on Teams the very handy feature allowing you to set your own Microsoft Teams custom status. By doing that, you are telling your colleagues know that you are not available, and offer to route the communication to offline channels such as email, which you can respond at your leisure.

Here is a simple way to ensure that read receipts won’t be available to your colleagues:

  • Login to Microsoft Teams, if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Hit your Teams icon/avatar.
  • Hit Manage Account.
  • Go to the Privacy tab.
  • Move the Read Receipts slider to the left.
  • Close the Teams setting dialog.

Quick Notes

  • Disabling your outgoing read receipts will also turn off incoming receipts, so you’ll not be able to tell if someone read chats you wrote.
  • If read receipts are missing, you can obviously re-instate them by using the Privacy tab as shown above.
  • Turning off receipts on MAC is done in a similar fashion.