How to block email notifications from and remove my account?

Last update: February 2019

Here’s a question from our reader, Jose:

I am trying to drastically improve my productivity at work is to get rid of social networking. Is there any way to disable email notifications in Twoo or should i go ahead and unsubscribe and delete my Twoo account altogether?

Yes, email notifications from social networking sites are sometimes annoying especially when trying to get something done for school or work. They spoil your productivity and as such, they are also a popular subject in questions coming from our readers. In this post, we wanted to list simple steps to turn off  and unsubscribe from email notifications you receive from Twoo. We certainly hope this would help you to keep focused. We also receive several questions from reader about opting from Twoo permanently, therefore we added a quick guide about how to and disable your Twoo profile temporarily or permanently  shut down your account.

Block or disable email notifications on Twoo

  1. Navigate to the Twoo home page.
  2. Select Settings by clicking the drop down box on the top right corner.
  3. Move down to the notifications and select Edit.
  4. In update mail drop down box turn it to No.
  5. Remove all the ticks from the check box selection.
  6. Click Close to save your modifications.

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  • We can also disable the email notification by selecting Unsubscribe on the bottom of the email preferences page.

Delete your Twoo account/profile

If you would like to call the quits on Two, you can unsubscribe your account by following these steps:

  1. Head over the Twoo home page.
  2. Select Settings by clicking the drop down box on the top right corner.
  3. Click Edit on the account section.
  4. Click Delete account on the account status.

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Temporary Deactivate your Twoo account

There is an option to deactivate your Twoo account temporarily:

  1. click on the drop down box next to account status and select Hidden.
  2. This will deactivate your existing account for 30 days.
  3. After that your account will automatically becomes visible to others using Twoo.

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jas says February 14, 2018

hello there..can u pl help mee out to delete my twoo account…trying in its settings option…bt nt happening…help mee out…thnq

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