Configuration settings to add Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365 ,2019, 2016

Last updated: February 2020

Tutorial applicability: Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013; Office 365 and Standard; Windows operating systems.

Here’s a question i got the other day from one reader, who was looking for the settings to add Yahoo to Outlook 365 / 2019:

“I am a long time user of Microsoft Outlook for managing my business email. As i do own an account at Yahoo Mail , i thought of asking you guys whether you could provide a guide to help me configure Outlook so i can send and receive my Yahoo email. Can Yahoo even be used on Outlook? If so, how can i connect them? Thanks :-)”

Sure. In this post we’ll explain the required settings that you can use to configure Microsoft Outlook to easily access your Yahoo mailbox. We’ll use version 2016 for simplicity, but the content is relevant also if you decided to upgrade to Office 2019 / 365.

Note that this tutorial is not only relevant for the .com Yahoo Mail but also to and other regional sites.

Configuring Outlook for Yahoo Mail access

  1. Start by opening Outlook , then hit File in the task bar and select Add Account.
  2. Click on the Manual setup or additional server type and select Next.
  3. In Choose service, select POP or IMAP and click Next.
  4. Enter Name and Email address in the given blank space.
  5. In the Server information, set Account Settings as IMAP.
  6. Next is to input the Yahoo mail server settings. Under  Incoming Mail Server set:
  7. Under  Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) set: Type .
  8. Next, enter your Yahoo Account password in the Logon Information section.
  9. Go to the Outgoing Server tab and  check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box and select use same settings as my incoming mail ser
  10. Now go ahead, and hit More Settings … select Advanced.
  11. Enter 993 in Incoming server (IMAP) and select SSL/TLS in Encrypted connection.
  12. Enter 465 in outgoing server (SMTP) and select SSL/TLS in Encrypted connection.
  13. ver.
  14. Now hit OK and select Next in the Add Account dialog box.
  15. At this point Outlook will test out your account to ensure your configuration is valid the the account was added. If for some reason it doesn’t, all you’ll need to do to manually trigger the verification process is hit the Test Account settings button.
  16. Congrats! you have added your Yahoo account in Outlook.

Yahoo Mail Outlook settings

The screenshots below summarizes the most up-to-date recommended configuration settings for YMail on Outlook 365/2019/2016:



Outgoing Server:


Advanced settings:


Adding GMail to Outlook 2019/2016

If you need to configure GMail for Outlook 2016/ 2019 we definitely recommend that you’ll look into our tutorial on the suggested Gmail configuration settings for Outlook 2016.

46 thoughts on “Configuration settings to add Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365 ,2019, 2016”

  1. I followed these directions exactly to try to add my yahoo email account to my Outlook 2016. I got this error message:
    Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified. Try changing the encryption method. Contact your mail server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) for additional assistance.

  2. Thank you for this. Has saved me from having to listen to my husband complain all the time about windows 10. Info was spot on

  3. I followed all the instructions and it will log onto the server but the send a test email doesn’t work it just errors

  4. Follow the instructions in the first pic in this article. Once you move to “Advanced” the following steps apply (forget about the stuff in the 2nd pic):
    Set Incoming server (IMAP) to 993 (SSL) . Outgoing (SMTP) to 465 (SSL)
    Plus: outgoing Server tab: mark the box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and select “use same settings as my incoming mail server”.
    That should do the trick…

  5. After having the same experience as Ana, I chose POP3 as Accout Type, used ‘’ for incoming server and ‘’ for outgoing server. I would also like to add that, in More Settings > Outgoing Server, you need to mark My outgoing server require authentication and choose Use the same configuration as my incoming server. This should do the trick.

  6. do what dev says… check the box that says server requires auth and use same config… more settings then outgoing server. do not use pop3 (outdated)

  7. i have both ‘yahoo’ and ‘ymail’.I have set up my yahoo but i don’t know how to set up ymail.

  8. These instructions do not work with Outlook 2016 because of the smtp port setting. It will continue to fail because it will not connect to the smtp server. There is no “this server requires a secure connection button”. Use the “use the following type” dropdown and select SSL and accept the standard 993 and 25 for the ports respectively–and it will continue through the set up process.

  9. I followed Dev’s instructions below but changed the encryption settings on the outgoing server to “auto” instead of “ssl”. It finally worked with that.

  10. Not working for me. Win10/Outlook 2016. Getting an error message: Your server does not support the connection encryption method. Contact your email server administrator or ISP for additional assistance.

  11. Followed the steps, and got the error message others are saying they got regarding the connection encryption type. Went back into advance settings to find the program had reverted back to “25” in the “Outgoing (SMTP)” where “465 (SSL)” should be. Updated again and it connected without any problems! Thanks a million!

  12. I have followed these steps many many times but Yahoo comes back asking for my password which is the proper password.

  13. None of these examples worked. I tried the directions and the comments sugguestions. I do not pay for the subscription. Is there a way to access your free yahoo mail account with outlook 2016

  14. Well explained, but I would like to add to check the security settings in Yahoo, that allows Apps (like Outlook) to access Yahoo mail is check. Else you will keep getting a prompt for password validation irrespective of what you do.

  15. Been trying all morning to set my Sky account up on Outlook with no success. Having now followed your easy to understand procedure I’m now up and running, yippee…
    Many thanks for this,

  16. THANK YOU! I have not been able to get my yahoo messages since the breach. This worked perfectly – once I followed all of the directions that is.

  17. i tried to setup my yahoo account but always get one reply your account is out of date. pl help how to setup

  18. This is the problem I’m having, keeps asking for user name and password, I’ve checked account settings in yahoo mail but nothing that says allow other apps ? Any suggestions? Thanks

  19. I tried this but it didn’t work. A pop-up screen kept asking me to enter my password. I know the password is correct because I log into Yahoo daily with the same password.

  20. No, you need to go to your yahoo mail, click on gear, click on account settings, go to Account security and turn on Allow apps that use less secure sign-in.

  21. Tengo W-7, outlook2016. Tipo de cuenta IMAP. Pero en “Enter 465 in outgoing server (SMTP) and select SSL in Encrypted connection” cambie 465 por 587 y seleccione TTL. Funciono muy bien.

  22. I had the same problem with Outlook 2016 (on WIndows 10) asking for a password and not taking my yahoo password. I went to yahoo an created a App password for Outlook Desktop and used that instead of my yahoo password and it finally worked!

  23. Hi, i still cant get it to work… 🙁 im getting the message enter user name and password for the following server, the user name and password is right but i have no connection

  24. You will need to lower your security in the yahoo settings for it to work with outlook. Continued to have all the problems listed until lowering the settings. Must revert back to older security to work with outlook 2016.

  25. These instructions look like they should work but they do not work for me. Since Yahoo has now gone with a two factor secure login process (un/pw combo + mobile acknowledgement) is there the possibility that that is causing the set up to fail?

  26. I followed these directions exactly to try to add my yahoo email account to my Outlook 2016. I got this error message:Your incoming ( POP3) mail server has reported an internal error.
    If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

  27. I have tried all day to add my yahoo mail account to my outlook 2016, but keep bringing up enter username and password dialog box . Please help

  28. First time in 20 years I have seen an Outlook Yahoo connection tutorial that didn’t require you to spend hours trying to get the thing to work.

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