How to insert symbols and special characters in Microsoft Word 2016?

If you have used Microsoft Word to write your school assignments, you might haverealized that it’s a bit challenging to add symbols such as arithmetic operation signs, Greek letters, currencies or even the registered, trademark or copyright signs into your document. In this post we will learn how to insert different kinds of symbols and special characters in Word 2016. Adding equations is somewhat similar, and will be covered in an additional post.

To insert different symbols:

  • Open your Word document and navigate to the place you would like to insert your symbol in.
  • Hit Insert, then select the Symbols drop down box (in your Ribbon right hand side) and select More symbols. Note that the Equation button is available next.

2015-08-30 23_49_59-Document1 - Word


  • Scroll down till you find a symbol or special character (Those are logically grouped. You can access the groups through the Subset drop-down) and click Insert to add it into your document.

2015-08-30 23_52_28-Document1 - Word

  • Note that the recently used symbols will be available for fast re-use when hitting the Symbol  button in the ribbon.

2015-08-31 00_16_43-

Advanced users will be able to leverage the usage of shortcuts and auto-correct definitions in order to speed up the symbol insertion process.

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