How to create a Sway presentation and embed it in Facebook and Tumblr?

Lately, i have been playing with Sway and was able to create beautiful interactive presentations. Among Sway’s key features is the ability to share your presentations directly to  your favorite social networks. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how toembed your Sways in Facebook and Tumblr.

Creating a Sway presentation:

  • First off, create yourself a Sway account.
  • Open Sway by logging into your Microsoft account.
  • Click on Create New or Import a document from your disk to continue the presentation of the document.

2015-08-28 22_40_41-Sway - My Sways

  • Enter the Title for your Sway document with the your preferred Background picture.

2015-08-28 22_42_27-Sway

  • Click on Emphasize to make letters bold and Accent to make letters italic.

2015-08-28 22_45_30-Sway

  • We can also link the given title with Web Link.

2015-08-28 22_46_29-Sway

  • Click on the + sign to add new contents like texts, media and groups to make presentations attractive.

2015-08-28 22_48_26-Sway

Embed  Sway in Facebook post:

  • Open your sway presentations.
  • Click on the right side of your particular presentation which has to be shared.

2015-08-28 22_53_25-Sway - My Sways

  • Hit on Share icon.

2015-08-28 22_54_17-Sway - My Sways

  • Select Facebook icon to shared the presentation in Facebook.

2015-08-28 22_54_44-Sway - My Sways

  • Log into your Facebook account from the opened browser and enter to say something about the presentation.
  • Hit share link to attach your created Sway presentation in Facebook.

2015-08-28 22_56_50-Sway - My Sways

Share a Sway in Tumblr:

  • Open the Sway and click on the right side of your presentation which has to be shared.
  • As we don’t have direct sharing to Tumblr from sway, select Share by Link icon.

2015-08-28 22_59_25-Sway - My Sways


  • Copy the URL in the Shared by Link.

2015-08-28 22_59_55-Sway - My Sways

  • Now open your Tumblr account, Hit on the right corner Make post icon and select Link.

2015-08-28 23_02_42-office sway _ Tumblr

2015-08-28 23_03_11-office sway _ Tumblr

  • Paste the copied URL, add a summary or description of your post. Then hit Post to share your Sway.

2015-08-28 23_04_25-office sway _ Tumblr

That’s it for today. Connect with us on Facebook to learn more great tech tips :-).

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What size does my sway presentation nee to be to fit a FB post?

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