How to create reminders in Microsoft Outlook 365 meetings and appointments?

One of the most valuable features of Outlook email is the ability to add reminders to your email. With this feature, you will be notified of any events to attend and tasks you have to do at a specific time. Adding a reminder to your Outlook email is incredibly easy. In this guide, I will share the simple step-by-step procedure that you can use to add a reminder in your Outlook.

There are two main ways of adding reminders in Outlook; using Outlook’s task manager or right inside a Calendar appointment / meeting or meeting series. We will share procedures for both methods.

Create reminder for Outlook 365 meeting

  • Step#1: Open your Outlook application on your PC or visit in your browser. 
  • Step#2: Click the calendar icon – the second menu icon on the top left of the screen. 
  • Step #3: To add a reminder, click “New Event.” A new window will pop up, which will prompt you to add an event, the time it will take place, the location, and the time you would like to get a reminder prior to the event. 
  • Step #4: Save. After creating your event with a remainder and all the other details, click Save to add it to your event’s list. 

Using tasks as reminders in

  • Step #1: Open or the Outlook app on your PC and click the tasks icon (the fifth icon on the left side menu of your application).
  • Step #2: Click Add task and input the title of task you want to add, and hit enter. To add more details, click on any point within the task title. A new window on the right will be opened to allow you to input the task’s details. Some of the details you can add include; reminder, task category, due date, and repeat. You can choose the exact date and time that you would wish to receive this reminder. 
  • Step #3: Hit on Save. If you are using the Windows or macOS Outlook app, click Save to add the task. However, if you use in your browser, the task will be saved automatically after adding the details.  

Outlook has a mobile application to ensure seamless integration with all your devices. So, your reminders about tasks and events will be sent to all the devices logged into Outlook using your email.