How to customize the background of Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote 2016?

Here’s a question from Randy:

When possible, could you provide a detailed guide about how to modify the backgrounds of Excel and OneNote? Thanks!

Thanks Randy. For simplicity, we have used Office 2016 to write these tutorials. The steps are almost identical in Office 2013 and 2010.

Change the background of your Excel 2016 worksheet to a custom color:

If you would like to change your worksheet background to a custom color, you can use the Fill Color capability available in the Home tab.

Add a picture as background of your Excel 2016 worksheet:

  • Open the Excel 2016 and click on Page Layout in the Ribbon.

2015-08-13 22_49_13-Book1 - Excel

  • Click on Background.
  • Now go ahead and insert the picture you would like to use as your background color.
  • You can insert from File, social networks (Facebook and Flickr), OneDrive or run an online Image search.

2015-08-13 22_43_21-Insert Picture

  • Once you select your background pic, hit Insert.


PowerPoint 2016:

We covered this topic in this post.

One Note 2016:

In One Note, the background color can only be changed from the available colors in One Note.You can’t use custom colors or background pictures. That said, you can insert pictures insides the notes for reference purposes.

To change background color in One Note 2016:

  • Open your One Note 2016 and select View in the Ribbon.
  • Click Page color drop down box.

2015-08-13 23_51_37-Social Networks - OneNote

  • Select anyone of the given colors to set it as your notes background color.

2015-08-13 23_52_56-Social Networks - OneNote

To insert pictures in One Note 2016:

  • Open your One Note 2016 and select Insert from the Ribbon.

2015-08-13 23_53_46-Social Networks - OneNote

  • Select Screen Clipping to insert the picture from the system screenshot.
  • Select Pictures to insert pictures from the system disk.
  • Select Online Pictures to insert pictures by searching online.

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