How to sync Microsoft Teams files with OneDrive?

Here’s a question from Jose:

I have some files in my OneDrive and i would like to share those with my team members frequently through Microsoft Teams. I feel it is bit of time consuming process. How do I sync OneDrive into Microsoft Teams so that I can make it available to my team members?

Thanks for the question. In this post we will be discussing how we can sync OneDrive in Microsoft teams and also how we can access Teams channel files through File Explorer.

Sync OneDrive with Teams

  • Open your Microsoft Teams and click on Files from the sidebar.
  • Click on OneDrive, under cloud storage and select Sync option.
  • If you have Windows 10 or 11 machine, by default OneDrive will be installed. If it is Windows 7 or 8, then just go-ahead and click on get the latest version of OneDrive.
  • Login to OneDrive with your Microsoft account.
  • After logging in, you can change the location for OneDrive files to get stored by clicking Change location.
  • Once your select your files location, click Next.
  • Now we have OneDrive synced with Teams.

Access Teams Channel files through File Explorer

We can sync and access the files that are saved under a channel in teams, locally in your File Explorer. Follow the below procedure to achieve it.

  • Open Teams and click on the channel, for which the files needs to be synced in your local machine.
  • Click on Files tab from the top.
  • Click the Sync button to get it synced locally in your machine.
  • Now, we can see the files are synced in the local machine. So we can access the files directly from file explorer.