How to draw a flow chart in Office 2013 and 2016?

The other day, I was approached by a colleague who asked me what would be the easiest way to create a flowchart and embed it in an Office 2013 document. In this post I would like to review several methods you can use to accomplish this task. All method outlined below work also in Office 2007 and later.

Use flow chart shapes (Simple)

All the Office 2013 suite applications allows you to easily add shapes into your documents. Just hit Insert and then select Shapes. You’ll notice a dedicated section showing the most common flowchart components which you can easily drag and arrange as needed.


Use Smart Art Graphics

If you want to create a process chart, you might find predefined Smart Art components under the Process category.

To add Smart Art drawings, hit on Insert, select Smart Art, pick your drawing and hit OK. Then add your text as needed.


Embed a Visio Flowchart (Advanced)

A less known component in the Office suite, Visio allows you to create professional flowcharts and easily embed them into your spreadsheet, presentation, doc or Onenote notebook. To insert a flowchart made in Visio, proceed as following: Hit Insert then select Object, now select Microsoft Visio Drawing and hit OK.

Your Vision canvas will be made available. In your graphic type, Pick Flowchart as your drawing type and hit OK. Now drag your graphics into your canvas to create your flowchart.

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