How to add a caption to a Microsoft Word table?

Here’s a question from Eva:

I am using Microsoft Word to work on a proposal document for a client project. My document contains several tables. My ask is whether there is a simple way to insert a short caption below each table in the document? Thanks in advance for your help.

Insert Word table captions tutorial

In the short tutorial below we’ll learn how to easily add table captions in Microsoft Word. The tutorial was developed on Word 365 for Windows, but it is mostly applicable for earlier versions and the macOS operating system.

Kindly follow the procedure below:

  • Open your Word document.
  • Insert a new table into the document (select the Insert menu and then choose Table), or find an existing table you would like to add a caption text for.
  • Place your mouse on the table. In this example, we’ll use the following table we just inserted to a Word doc:
  • Then, from the Ribbon, hit on References and then hit Insert Caption.
  • The following dialog will open up.
  • Use the Options section to define the label that will be used – in our case, that will be Table. But it could be also a Figure or an Equation, or any custom label you might want to use.
  • Then specify the label position – above or below the table.
  • The in the Caption field, add some descriptive text for your table. In our example, that will be Revenue vs Target by zone.
  • Once done, hit OK to close the Caption dialog.
  • Here’s our table, this time with a caption:

Edit your Word table caption style

Word deliver a predefined style for captions. You can modify the default style or add a new custom one from the Styles section under the Home Ribbon menu.

To modify an existing style, highlight it first, then right click and hit Modify. Then change the font style as needed.

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