How to add a form to a Microsoft Access 2016 application?

Here’s a question from Washi:

“I am pretty new to Access. Could you explain how can i create a form to allow s the user to add some entries into a table”?

Thanks for the question. Read on for the step-by-step explanation.

Creating a table  (we assume that you still didn’t create your Access database. If you already did, then skip this section)

  • Open Access 2016 and click on New then select Blank Desktop database.

2016-01-11 23_45_39-Start

  • Now you’ll be creating a table and its columns. For this example, we’ll use a dummy Employees table.
  • Define your table columns. Those can be of either number, currency, short text type.

2016-01-11 23_46_22-Start

  • After creating columns save your table.

2016-01-11 23_47_37-Settings

Create a form:

  • To create a form click on Create and select form wizard to modify the form formats.

2016-01-11 23_48_07-Start

  • Form can also be created by click on create and form, but form wizard allows us with various options at the beginning itself.

2016-01-11 23_48_38-Start

  • In Table/Queries, include the name of the table that we previously created.

2016-01-11 23_49_36-Settings

  • Available fields shows the fields that are available in the table.

2016-01-11 23_50_07-Settings

  • Click << to include all the field in Selected fields and vice versa (>>).
  • Click < to include on the fields that are selected into selected fields and vice verse (>).
  • Hit Next.

2016-01-11 23_50_44-Form Wizard

  • The layout of the form can be columnar, tabular, datasheet, justified.
  • Select anyone of the layout and click next.

2016-01-11 23_52_11-Form Wizard

  • Enter the title for the form and check on modify the form’s design to modify the form.
  • If needed, we can go directly to open the form and enter information and click Finish.

2016-01-11 23_53_06-Form Wizard

Modifying your form design:

  • To insert a background color into the form right click on the background, select fill/back color and click on the needed color.

2016-01-11 23_54_37-Access - Database6 _ Database- C__Users_vijay_Documents_Database6.accdb (Access

  • If needed align the headers and field by using the drag pointer.

2016-01-11 23_55_48-Start

  • To insert a background image click on format in the ribbon, select the drop down box of background image and hit browse.

2016-01-11 23_56_16-Settings

  • Then browse through the images and click OK.

2016-01-11 23_57_34-Settings

  • To add more controls to the form, click on Design and select the controls like button, combo box, text and so on.

2016-01-11 23_58_29-Access - Database6 _ Database- C__Users_vijay_Documents_Database6.accdb (Access

  • To finish the form and use it, click on design and select Form view in the view drop down box.

2016-01-11 23_59_15-Cortana

  • Save the entered records and we can find the entered values into the table.


  • For complex data entry, you might add sub-forms to your form.
  • Advanced users might add custom functions to forms using VBA or Visual Basic for Applications.

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