How to create an Outlook contact group?

Serge asked us the following question:

Hey. I would like to create a mailing list that includes folks from work as well as personal contacts. Is it something I can do on my own, or should I wait for the IT guys to help me out with this one? Your help is appreciated!

Thanks Serge for this question. Yes, you are able to setup and edit an Outlook distribution list (now called Contact Group),which you can then use as recipients of your email. Here’s how to proceed:

  • In Outlook 2013, navigate to the People tab.
  • From the upper menu, select New contact group.
  • Your first step would be to provide your list a meaningful name.
  • Now it’s time to start adding members to your list. For that, you’ll need to hit the Add Members button and then select whether you’ll add people from your existing Contacts, Global Address List (if available) or new contacts you’ll define.

  • Once you are done, hit Save and Close.
  • Your list will be added to your Contacts. You’ll now be able to use it when sending email, assigning tasks or organizing meetings.


  • Adding or removing members is easy and can be done from the Contact group screen.
  • If you have connected your Outlook 2013 client to Facebook or LinkedIn you’ll be able to add also friends from those social networks to your distribution list.

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