How to create and use an Outlook 2016 rule?

Here’s a question from Ronnie:

“Using Outlook at work, Can i automatically forward an email from someone to another mailbox i have configured in Yahoo?”

Yes, that’s possible by using the rules option available in Outlook 2016. By setting up and managing rules we can automatically manage Outlook actions. Here are a few useful examples: delete or archive older email, add yourself as bcc (blank carbon copy) on outgoing emails and save attachments on your personal computer.  Today we’ll look into setting rules to forward email to additional recipient mailboxes. Read further for the complete procedure.

Creating rules in Outlook 2016:

  • Open you Outlook 2016, click on Home and select Rule drop down in Move category.
  • Select Manage Rules and alerts.

2015-11-15 18_24_46-Inbox - Outlook - Outlook

  • Click on New rule in the Email rules to setup a new rule.

2015-11-15 18_03_41-Rules and Alerts

  • Select any template according to your needed one.
  • We can edit the description like setting the email address, which can be done in the step 2 and hit Next.

2015-11-15 18_04_15-Inbox - Outlook - Outlook

  • Then select anyone of the conditions you want to check and hit Next.

2015-11-15 18_05_51-Rules Wizard

  • Now select anyone of the actions that has to be done to the mail and hit Next.

2015-11-15 18_06_31-Rules Wizard

  • If necessary, you can set any exceptions and select Next.

2015-11-15 18_06_56-Rules Wizard

  • Set name for the rule also make sure the rule is turned on and click Finish.

2015-11-15 18_08_29-Rules Wizard

  • To check if the rule is working click Run rules now.

2015-11-15 18_09_22-Rules and Alerts

Automatically forward email in Outlook 2016:

Let us setup a rule to automatically forward the mail when I receive from someone. Procedure is given below.

  • In the template we start from a blank rule where we apply rule on messages I receive.

2015-11-15 18_10_11-Rules Wizard

  • We setup the condition as from people or public group.
  • In the edit rule description we set mail address what action has to be done when we receive a mail from.

2015-11-15 18_10_50-Rules Wizard

  • Select action is set as forward it to people or public group.
  • In the edit rule description we set mail address to whom the forward has to be done a

2015-11-15 18_12_14-Rules Wizard

  • As we don’t need any exceptions, we ignore it.

2015-11-15 18_13_29-Rules Wizard

  • Named the rule as Forward, check on Turn on rule and click Finish.

2015-11-15 18_13_56-Rules Wizard

That’s it, thanks for reading :-)

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