How to send message to all friends on Facebook?

| June 14, 2009 | 14 Comments

Want to send the same message to all your friends on your Facebook friends list? Then this is how you do it in five simple steps:

1)  At the top of your profile page, go ahead and hit Friends.
2) Hit Create new list, give it a meaningful name (“College”, “Soccer team”), select all your friends in it and hit the Create list button. As Facebook limits your lists to hold no more than 20 of your feinds, you will need to split your entire friends base to a number of lists.
3) You would now be able to notice the newly created lists names appearing under the Lists heading in the left margin of your profile/
4) Hit the Inbox link located at the top margin of the profile page, select compose message and type the name of friend list/s that you have created in step 2  in the contact box.
5) Now, go ahead and write your message that you’ll send out. Compose your message and hit the Send button.

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  1. dean says:

    there is no date on this post – but I’m thinking it’s pretty old. FB now sets a 20 person limit on you messages, whether it’s in a list or not

  2. Becky says:

    I’ve done EVERYTHING )made new friends list, started to compose message, started to type name of my friends list), but my friends list doesn’t come up at all!! I’ve even logged out and back in and tried it again. I’ve tried it about 6 times now! Is there a number limit to how many friends can be in the list to send? HELP???

  3. Brooke says:

    I tried creating a list with all my friends, and I even see it appearing in my left hand column under “Lists.” And yet when I go to compose a message and I type in the name of the list, facebook doesn’t recognize it at all, and leaves the “to” field blank, thus making it impossible to send a message.

    I thought maybe it was a capacity issue, so I made a test list with only 2 friends, but same thing– When I go to compose the message, the “to” field doesn’t recognize my list.

    : ( Sigh, this is really problematic when you want to reach all your friends at once.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you have compose from the page with the lists. Not from your inbox. Only catch is you can only have maximum 20 people on the list to be able to send it. I ended up with 19 lists just to fit my friends!

  5. Allan says:

    I have tried to add list on friends i have created, but this siply does not work.

  6. chris says:

    i don’t understand how i get messages from organizations that must be sending to more than 20 people at a time, but i can’t send a message to 50 of my friends? i don’t understand how they do it. anyone understand.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you send a message to 10 lists with 20 people each?

  8. test says:

    You can only message 20 people at a time on facebook.

  9. Jason Weatherford says:

    Here’s what I did. I made 2 lists with 20 people in them each. I sent the message twice, once to the first list then sent the message again to the second list. I used a loop hole to send the message to 40 people.

  10. Matt Metten says:

    There’s a difference between communication from fan pages/groups and just regular accounts which is why you’ll get mass communication from pages you subscribe to. I wasn’t aware of the 20 person limit so just wasted a bunch of time trying to set up an “All” group but I guess I should have googled first…the other issue is that whenever I get a message from a friend who sent it to a bunch of people there’s no bcc option so it’s pretty problematic as there’s also a standard “reply-all” function. I don’t think facebook is set up to handle mass-communication to ALL my friends. For now, status updates will have to do the trick. Hopefully people aren’t “hiding” me…

  11. Sherri says:

    Has anyone figured this out yet??? I created a list on facebook and want to send a message to these 17 people but when I type the name of the list (LIKE FACEBOOK TELLS ME TO) it doesn’t pull up the name of my list. I can’t use status updates because I don’t want everyone knowing this information.

  12. Neal says:

    One way to send a message to all your friends is to post a YouTube link using the Music/YouTube tab:

    1. Click on your Profile
    2. At your status bar click “more”, then Music/YouTube
    3. Right under Music/YouTube, there’s another Music/YouTube hyperlink, click YouTube.
    4. Now search for any YouTube video and select.
    5. Click “send to all my friends” box at the bottom
    6. Type in your message and send!

    It’s a little clunky but it works!


  13. turtlegiant says:

    A shortcut to save time for creating lists (selecting friends) is:

    1. Download Google Chrome
    2. Download the “Facebook Invite All” Extension here:

    Now when you see your friends lists a “Toggle all” will appear. Saves time…

  14. a says:

    CREATE NEW FRIENDS LIST is NOT working for me !
    I REALLY want to send a particular message to them .

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