How to send message to all friends on Facebook?

Want to send the same message to all your friends on your Facebook friends list? Then this is how you do it in five simple steps:

1)  At the top of your profile page, go ahead and hit Friends.
2) Hit Create new list, give it a meaningful name (“College”, “Soccer team”), select all your friends in it and hit the Create list button. As Facebook limits your lists to hold no more than 20 of your feinds, you will need to split your entire friends base to a number of lists.
3) You would now be able to notice the newly created lists names appearing under the Lists heading in the left margin of your profile/
4) Hit the Inbox link located at the top margin of the profile page, select compose message and type the name of friend list/s that you have created in step 2  in the contact box.
5) Now, go ahead and write your message that you’ll send out. Compose your message and hit the Send button.

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