How to change your profile picture on Facebook?

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Facebook is currently the most popular Social Network on the planet and almost everyone is on it. One of the most common questions asked when by new people on Facebook is how he/she can replace their profile picture? This tutorial will help you do exactly that.

Step – 1:

In your Facebook homepage, you can see a little picture on the top left beneath the logo. It will either have your previous profile photo or just an image if you’ve not uploaded your photo yet. Click on “Edit Profile” near it

How to change your profile picture on Facebook - Home

Step – 2:

You will arrive at your Edit Profile page where you can edit all the details in your Facebook Profile. There, you can find a list of links to the left. Click on “Profile Picture” which is the second link in the list.

How to change your profile picture on Facebook - Profile

Step – 3:

The next page will display your current profile picture in the middle with two options on the right. One of them is to Choose File from the system and the other one is to Take the picture using your webcam. Click on “Choose File” button.

How to change your profile picture on Facebook - Picture

Step – 4:

Browse your system for the required profile picture and select it and click open. The selected image will open up and you can decide whether to crop it or not. Now your profile picture has been changed.

How to change your profile picture on Facebook - Browse

Step – 5:

Finally, you will have to edit the thumbnail of your picture to make sure your face is displayed properly in other people’s  walls. So click on Edit Thumbnail which is found below the picture. Move the image around and set it the way you want it to be. Then click Save.

How to change your profile picture on Facebook - Done

That's it. You’re done. Your new profile photo will be displayed whenever your name comes up in Facebook.

Choosing a good profile picture, however, is up to you. Enjoy :-)

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