Suggested formations for Pro Evolution Soccer version 2013

Here’s a question from one of our subscribers :

I prefer PES over FIFA only due to its attacking gameplay and also due to its simplicity. With PES, it’s not that difficult to score girls provided you choose the perfect formation. Can you explain the best way to select the best tactics for winning?

Well, formations do matter a lot when it comes to Pro Evolution Soccer. Teams lined up with a great formation sometimes have an edge over teams with higher ratings. Such is the importance for formations here and the following is a list of best formations which might be helpful  for you :

4-4-1-1 :

This is a pretty good attacking formation in reality as well as in PES and the main reason is the packed midfield. With a couple of good midfielders, the strikers get tremendous support as the packed midfield can send down a flurry of crosses and through-balls while the CF  behind the main striker becomes an added advantage.

Teams : Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool


4-3-3 :

This is widely considered as the most attacking formation of all. With three strikers upfront, its quite threatening provided two of the three strikers play a bit wide as the midfielders’ main intention will be to provide through balls and passes. On the other hand, defense must be rock solid to manage counter attacks as there is too much importance for the attacking front.

Teams : Arsenal, Barcelona, Porto


4-2-3-1 :

According to me, this is the most balanced formation of all. The 2 defensive midfielders in place provide assurance for tackles and box to box playing. Despite this, the lone striker and the CAM will get tremendous support from midfield while the full backs can chip in with some valuable contributions as well.

Teams : Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund


4-1-2-1-2 :

This one is a bit similar to 4-3-3 alignment which we discussed earlier but here its a bit more sensible. With a defensive midfielder in place, the defense gets more depth here while the two central midfielders along with the CAM can provide support to the two strikers placed  upfront. But the central midfielders should make a point that they play wide whenever needed. Also the contribution of the full backs is of importance here.

Teams : Chelsea, Santos

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