How to set a new background to your PowerPoint 2013 presentation?

Who doesn’t want to add a personal touch to a presentation? Today we’ll learn how to set custom backgrounds in PowerPoint 2013, so you can make your presentation stand out the herd.

You can either easily apply a custom background template to selected slides or the entire presentation.

Applying templates to your entire pptx file

Once you open PowerPoint 2013, you will immediately notice the huge amount of slide templates and themes you are able to apply to your presentation. Just go ahead and use the box in the upper side to search for the perfect template.

Once you do find a background you like, make a double click and it will be automatically apply on all your slides.

If you have chosen to start out from a blank or modify an existing presentations, you can modify your slides background from the Design menu. There you’ll find multiple themes you can easily apply to your pptx file.

Apply a background to selected slides

Sometimes, you might to simply modify the layout of one or more specific slides. In order to do so, navigate to the Design menu, hit on Format Background and specify your selected slide design: solid, gradient, a picture on your PC or the web etc’. After you are done, hit OK and you’ll be all set.

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