How to customize your Keyboard Controls in PES 2012?

Here’s a question from one of our subscribers :

I just downloaded the second version of the PES 2012 demo and I feel it’s quite good. But it doesn’t suit PC so well as everything has been designed in accordance to playstation and Xbox. I often find myself struggling with the default keyboard controls. Is there anyway I could change it? If so, please help me out.

Thanks for the question. Well PES is just not very exclusive for Xbox and PES this time as it was in the previous versions. They have provided us a config file through which you can customize the keyboard controls and I find this thing very similar to the one introduced by EA developers in FIFA 11. Nonetheless, this feature is so cool. Here’s how you go about it :

  • Install PES 2012.
  • In the folder in which the game is installed, you will find an application file named settings. Open it.
  • Click on the keyboard tab from the different tabs present at the top.
  • Now you will find the prototype of a controller and its buttons pointing at its corresponding key for PC.
  • Click on a key to change it to some key you wish.
  • After doing all the changes, click on the ok button present at the bottom.
  • That’s it. You have changed the controls successfully and you can start playing with them.

PES 2012 keyboard controls

The above pic shows you how I have configured the controls myself and this might be helpful to all those who play FIFA as well as PES. I have customized the controls in accordance to FIFA’s keyboard controls and there won’t be any difficulty in playing while you switch over to PES from FIFA if you follow these controls.

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