How to add a new business or personal calendar into Outlook 365?

Sometimes you might be in need to create additional calendars in order to more easily manage your personal schedule separately from work or manage your project schedule. In today’s post, we’ll show you how you can create a birthday calendar in Outlook 2016 that will send you reminders about your friends and colleagues birthdays so you will never miss anyone’s birthday again :-). You might use the same process to setup new calendars as needed for either your work or personal needs.

Create a new calendar in Outlook 2016:

  • Open Outlook 2016 and select calendar in the bottom navigation panel.

2015-11-14 23_55_38-Personal - Outlook - Outlook

  • Roll down to My calendars and select the down arrow to expand it.
  • Now we can find there are set of separate calendars in it.

2015-11-14 23_41_55-Calendar - - Outlook

  • Right click on anyone of it and select New calendar or click on Folder in the ribbon and select New calendar.

2015-11-14 23_43_51-Calendar - Outlook - Outlook

2015-11-14 23_44_26-Calendar - Outlook - Outlook

  • In the dialog box, enter the name for your calendar.
  • Select where the folder has to be placed and make sure the folder contains are calendar items.

2015-11-14 23_45_29-Create New Folder

  • That’s it, new calendar is created under the needed folder.

Copy, rename and delete a calendar:

  • To move a calendar to another folder, right click on the calendar and click move calendar.
  • Then select which folder the calendar has to be moved.
  • To copy a calendar, again right click on the calendar and select Copy calendar.
  • And select where the copied calendar has to be pasted.
  • To rename a calendar, right click on the calendar and select rename calendar.
  • Enter the name for the calendar and press Enter key.
  • To delete calendar, right click on the calendar and hit delete calendar.

2015-11-14 23_47_22-Calendar - Outlook - Outlook

Recover a deleted calendar:

  • The deleted calendar will be moved to the deleted items in your outlook.
  • To view the deleted calendar again and move it back to the original folder, click on the three dots in the bottom navigation panel and select Folders.

2015-11-14 23_49_02-Calendar - Outlook - Outlook

  • Now you can find the deleted calendar under deleted items.

2015-11-14 23_51_14-Personal - Outlook - Outlook

  • Deleting under the deleted items makes the calendar delete permanently.

Note that once setup, you are able to delegate access, set/remove permissions and sharing of your newly created calendar.

Thanks for reading. :)

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