How to make a chart in Excel 2013?

One of the most prevalent tasks you will use Excel 2013 for is working with charts.Today we will show you different techniques you can use in order to insert new charts into your Excel 2013 spreadsheet.

Before you go ahead, make sure that you have entered the data you would like to visualize into your Excel spreadsheet.

The simple method

First off, highlight your data and hit Insert.

Now, select your chart type (pie, column, bar, area etc’) and format its appearance as needed.

Using Recommended Charts

Alternatively, you might want to have Excel recommend you a chart type you might want to use based on the data that you have.

To leverage this newly introduced method, simply select your data, hit Insert and select Recommended Charts and select the layout that suits your needs.

Using Quick Analysis

Another very nice feature that Excel 2013 has introduced is Quick Analysis, which analyzes your textual/numeric input and suggests different ways to visually represent your data. After you highlight your table, the Quick Analysis wizard icon will appear at the lower hand side of your selection.

The tool will propose you to visualize your data by using alternative methods, such as different types of tables and charts formats.

Wrapping up

We have reviewed three different ways to make charts, we suggest that you give them a try and stick to the ones that better suits your data display needs.

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