Add a voting button to your Outlook 2016 message

Did you know that Outlook emails can also be used as a vote questions like yes or no, approve or reject and some custom options? In this post will show you how to insert voting button to gather your colleagues opinions on different matters through email. We’ll use Office 16, however the process is similar in Office 2010 and up.

To set a voting button in Outlook 2016:

  • Open your outlook 2016 and click on New Email in the Home ribbon.

2015-11-16 12_44_58-Inbox - - Outlook

  • Now while you compose a mail click on Options in the ribbon and click on the Use voting options drop down box.
  • Approve;Reject option will make opinion on a task to others whether to Approve/Reject.
  • Yes;No option used for questions asked by the sender which can be voted as Yes/No.
  • Yes;No;Maybe option is same as the previous one, but adds the extra option maybe.
  • Custom option helps us create our own answers for voting.
  • ; ” is used for the separation for each entry.

2015-11-16 12_46_36-Untitled - Message (HTML)

  • Select anyone of the options and you can see that there is an indication for the usage of voting button.
  • Enter the address and subject in the space provided.
  • Click send to receive answers from others about the voting option you set.

2015-11-16 12_50_13-Are we going somewhere this weekend_ - Message (HTML)

Inserting buttons into your Outlook mail (example):

Let us say I want to know which of the three albums (revive, the hills, listen) are best and I want to ask this to my project colleagues.

  • I click on Custom in the use voting options to include the names of the albums.
  • In the voting and tracking options, I enter Revive;listen;the hills.

2015-11-16 13_04_31-Properties

  • I enter email address of my project colleagues along with my voting question and final project report.
  • Click send.2015-11-16 13_05_15-Final project report and vote me for the question - Message (HTML)
  • The receiver mail will be looking this way.

2015-11-16 13_11_14-Inbox - - Outlook

Thanks for reading :)

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