How to hide my birthday on Facebook?

| December 7, 2007 | 4 Comments

Hiding your birthday on MySpace.


Rita, an reader, approached me with the following Facebook question: I want to make my age invisible in my Facebook profile. How to hide my age on Facebook?


Hiding your age on Facebook is pretty straightforward:

  • Login to
  • Hit Edit
  • Select how you would like to have your Birthday displayed: you can either ommit the year by selecting “Show only month and Day on My profile” or hide your birthday by selecting “Don’t show my birthday in my profile“.
  • Hit Save Changes. Your birthday will now be hidden.

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  1. Khuram Shahzad Khan AT hotmail dot com says:

    Login to your account
    Click on Profile Tag, now two methods
    (First Method)Click on (Edit My Profile)which is written under profile Picture.Under Basic Information Heading,there are three options, mostly select (Show only month&day in my profile).Now click on Save Changes Button.
    (Second Method)In profile tab click on Info, after that click on Edit Information, now same thing is repeated as above.

  2. kay says:

    I do not want my birthday to be sent as a notification to my friends.  How do I change my profile so this notification is not sent out in Facebook.  Thanks.

  3. Dustik says:

    Can you please tell how to hide facebook birthday notification from my profile??

  4. Just remove the birthday from your profile. Friends won’t get notifications.

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