How to change my profile picture in Orkut?

| September 23, 2007 | 54 Comments

Change your Orkut default profile image

If you want to update your Orkut Account Profile with a new picture or a photo, it isn’t that tough to do.

Here’s how you can change your profile picture in Orkut:

1 – Click “Edit Profile” in your Orkut account profile page:

Edit Profile

2 – Click ‘Change Photo’ near your current profile picture

3 – A new box will appear on your screen. Click ‘Browse’ to locate the new picture profile on your computer

4 – If the photo is big, you’ll be given options to crop the picture. If you don’t want to crop the photo, click on ‘Use Original’

5 – Done. Your Orkut profile picture has been updated.

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  1. kapil says:

    hi guys i would like to know how keep a picture in profile..i mean we will find about me…after writing about me..i want to keep a pic under that..i am not able to under stand how to keep there a pic..please can u let me know…..

  2. surendra says:

    I having some problem to change my profile photo in orkut..

  3. Anonymous says:

    but not clear my problem ple help change to my orkut photo

  4. Haritha says:

    I cant crop the photo…Pls help?

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