How to change my profile picture in Orkut?

| September 23, 2007 | 54 Comments

Change your Orkut default profile image

If you want to update your Orkut Account Profile with a new picture or a photo, it isn’t that tough to do.

Here’s how you can change your profile picture in Orkut:

1 – Click “Edit Profile” in your Orkut account profile page:

Edit Profile

2 – Click ‘Change Photo’ near your current profile picture

3 – A new box will appear on your screen. Click ‘Browse’ to locate the new picture profile on your computer

4 – If the photo is big, you’ll be given options to crop the picture. If you don’t want to crop the photo, click on ‘Use Original’

5 – Done. Your Orkut profile picture has been updated.

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  1. Rat says:

    thanks for tips

  2. antony says:

    Thanks for ur timely help

  3. parag rao says:

    a very easy to use website.gave me the exact answer..


  4. alps says:

    works good thanks that u need

  5. Srikanth says:

    Wonderful Information.

    I have searched for thie option in Orkut for more than an HOUR.

    Thanks a lot for TIP. It was great.

  6. prakash says:

    thank you

  7. Nitin Gajjar says:

    This is best trick to help new user. Very Good Trip. Very Very Thank You.

  8. vipin says:

    thanks for this suggestion

  9. Sam says:

    Thanks alot for awesome tip.

  10. akhtar says:

    thanks a lot. it’s good and very simple to understand.

  11. vinod says:

    very good…. use of images in explanation does help understand things better and faster..

  12. Shaik says:

    Its very useful. I searched for this tip many places, atlast easytweaks helped me. Thanks

  13. spice says:

    thanks i was wondering how to do it

  14. lazarraffi says:

    i want to change my photo.after browse my is not open for cropping

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks dear for your help

  16. vikas says:

    thanks for this help.

  17. dhriti says:

    awesome tip!thanks a lot.

  18. tijani says:

    i want to change my pic in orkut but cannot .
    so wat i do ist time i change the pic and then second time i remove the pic and want to new pic on orkut but cant do it

  19. karthi2525 says:

    thank you so much fo your tips,…

  20. Naveed Shaikh says:

    It’s realy very useful……….Thanks

  21. Anonymous says:

    it was very easy and useful.thanks….

  22. Anonymous says:

    thanks very useful

  23. nishank says:

    I am thankful to u and it was very easy

  24. krishna says:

    thanks a lot…….it was a great help…..i was searching for it for more than 1 hour..thanks and thanks to google as welll!!!

  25. Lijo says:

    Thanks a lot for your help.i wasted a lot time for this simple thing.
    Take care

  26. sankar says:

    i cant upload my picture in my profile.even i upload a picture it says wait while cropping.but it doesnt upload even after a long time.pls help me

  27. shelly says:

    thanku so much……….

  28. roopesh says:

    shown loading but its not change in my profile

  29. karthik kumar chary says:

    It’s really helped me out. it is nice website

  30. Deepak says:

    Thanks a lot dear… Your instructions are very easy to understand. :-)

  31. Amey says:

    Thanks a lot its very easy

  32. tasar says:

    Thank for your suggest.

  33. sravani says:

    thnks foe the tip , it was very eassy n helpfull

  34. rushda says:

    i have tried everything but my profile pic iz not set…what should i do?

  35. Ajish says:

    Thanks alot for awesome tip.Your instructions are very easy to understand. :-)

  36. Gowrisankar says:

    Thanks alot for your guidelines, easy to understand me

  37. Bhupesh says:

    excellent ….this is waht i was looking for

  38. Rahat says:

    Thanks for explaining nicely.

  39. Rasna Chawla says:

    No one can be like u people………..Thanks for helping me …………..Wow………..

  40. ankit says:

    thank u ver much,,,,for support….

  41. chetan says:

    thank u for information………

  42. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot its very easy

  43. Rohit says:

    Thnx, It was much easier to understand and follow

  44. Thanks a lot its good option to help the new users in orkut and am happy for the same

  45. sadoo says:

    thanks to this site

  46. vinod says:

    thanks alot. god bless u…..

  47. Himanshu Joshi says:

    I want to stich a photo in orkut on facebook

  48. coolplayer says:

    a big wonderful thanx i am finding this for many days….

  49. vipin says:

    thank u for information………

  50. neha sharma says:

    thnx a lot for giving great tips….

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