How to hide your Facebook friends?

I received an email from Jojo asking the following question:

I have lots of friends on Facebook. The thing is that i am not really interested in showing off those friends to the world. Is there a way to hide Facebook friends?

Thanks for Asking Jojo. It is possible to restrict access to your friends list on Facebook and even to hide it completely. Below you can find the steps for hiding your friends list following the new profile privacy settings deployed by Facebook on December 2009:

  • Go to your Facebook profile
  • In the upper right hand side of your Friends section of your profile page, you will notice a small pencil icon – Hit it.
  • Uncheck the box that reads "Show my friends list". – and that's it – Your Facebook friends will not show up in your profile any more.

You might want to know that once you migrate your profile to the Facebook privacy settings your Friend List is always visible to your Friends. I am currently tying to find out whether hiding the friends list from certain people (or certain networks) on Facebook is still possible. Seems not. Guys, any feedback/insight from those who are on the new Privacy settings?

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