EA Sports FIFA 13 : Estimated release dates for the XBOX 360 and PS3 platforms

The other day, one of our subscribers came up with the following question :

I am now badly addicted to FIFA with the players being so talented and skilful and I cant resist myself craving about the next version already. I know it’s a bit early now but still can you provide me with the estimated release date for PS3 and XBOX. Thank you.

Thanks for the question. Well craving about FIFA 13 so early is not so strange as we are seeing a lot of such questions everyday and providing an estimate isn’t going to be much difficult.

This time with the all new 11 on 11 mode, FIFA 13 is tipped to impress PS3 and XBOX gamers greatly like never before. Predicting the release date is not so complicated as EA developers always prefer the last week of September for rolling out and we hope this time won’t be an exception.

Based on last years, it is expected thatFIFA 13 to hit the shelves for PS3 and XBOX 360 anytime between September 26th and 29th in the USA, global availability expected beginning of October. A demo version for the PC, XBOX and Ps3, is usually released around a month earlier. We’ll update this post as EA Sports releases more information.

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