How to customize your default keyboard controls in FIFA 13?

One of our readers asked me the other day about the process to follow in order to modify keyboard control settings in the newly released FIFA 13.

Before you go ahead and change your keyboard settings, you might want to note that starting version 13, you are able to use your PC mouse along with your keyboard in a FIFA game. This allows you better player manipulation, easier skill moves and enhanced dribbling.

To modify your keyboard settings proceed as following:

  • After you select your game mode, you can hit on D, which will take you to the control customization.
  • You are able to now select your preferred device: either with or without a mouse.
  • Now you can select the relevant key configuration for each move. You are able to easily reset to your default config.
  • Hitting on E or W will allow to specify keys for attack or defense moves.
  • Once you are done, save your configuration.

Enjoy FIFA 2013!

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