How to solve Facebook login problems?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I have trouble logging into Facebook every now and then. What could be the reason?

Thanks for the question. Facebook login issues happen due to the following problems.

  1. Forgotten Email Address or Password
  2. Invalid Email Address/Password
  3. Facebook is Blocked
  4. Browser Issues
  5. Facebook account Disabled

Now, let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Forgotten Email Address or Password:

There’s a good chance that you may have forgotten your login credentials. It’s always advisable to use a unique password for every online service you are on and using a password manager will definitely help you regarding this.

Invalid Email Address/Password:

There’s a good chance of you remembering the credentials, but entering them wrongly. Just take a deep look at the screen and check whether you’ve entered the information correctly.

Facebook is Blocked:

Facebook might be blocked at the place where you access the internet. If that’s the case, you won’t even be able to see the login screen. Install the HTTPS Everywhere extension on Firefox or Facebook Secure Connection for Google Chrome. Also, bookmark on Chrome after you install the HTTPS Everywhere extension. You can also try accessing Facebook through a web proxy, although we don’t recommend it.

Browser Issues:

Try clearing all the cookies and other files on your browser cache. For what it’s worth this might just solve your problem. An operating system cleaning utility such as  CCleaner lets you clean your browser easily.

Facebook account Disabled:

If you are logging on from an unfamiliar location or if you have just arrived at a different country, this might happen. Facebook usually disables your account thinking that you are a hacker. Just answer the social questions asked to regain access.

If you are still facing a problem, I’d suggest you visit the Facebook Help Center for more help.

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