How to fix the d3dx9_45.dll is missing error?

A reader asked us,

I am getting errors saying “d3dx9_45.dll is missing” while trying to play Need For Speed. How can I fix it?

Thanks for the question. The d3dx9_45.dll file is a part of Microsoft’s DirectX 9 program. There are many ways of removing this error, and we shall be discussing those here,

  • Reinstall DirectX 9. Download the required file from Microsoft’s website, and install it like any other program. Restart your computer and check if the error messages are gone.

directx 9 for windows

  • If DirectX 9 doesn’t solve the problem, try reinstalling Need For Speed. Sometimes game files that depend on other files (like d3dx9_45.dll here) get corrupted at times, and reinstalling is the only way to go.

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