How To Change your Facebook Profile Background?

John asked us the following question:

How do I modify my Facebook Profile Background?

Thanks for the question, John. Modifying your Facebook profile background is very easy if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.. Make sure that you install the Grease Monkey Add-on for Firefox before you try these.

The following list of Greasemonkey scripts will help you modifying your Facebook Profile background.

Facebook Fixer, as the name suggests fixes many aspects of Facebook to make the experience better. It also helps you change your Facebook profile background, but remember that the background change will be visible only to you. Others will see the ‘regular’ style when visiting your Facebook profile.

This script gives Facebook a new color instead of the same old blue all over. It also changes the white background according to your preferences.

Two-Column Facebook Layout does not work very well anymore, due to recent changes on Facebook look and feel recently. But, if you are just looking to change the profile background, it should suit you.

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