Team formations you can use in FIFA 13

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Ever since I started playing FIFA, one thing I found out was the importance of formations here. An average team with a great formation can prove to be a great threat here. Such is its importance. With the next version poised to hit the shelves in a few months, can you suggest me some formations which might be helpful for my team in FIFA Soccer 2013?

Thanks for bringing that up. Well formations do play an important role in FIFA and here we suggest some of them which might be of importance :

4-4-1-1 :

This is considered as one of the most common formations in the footballing world and its significant as well being simple and crisp. The wing backs are placed deep into the attacking half so that they can attack as well as defend while the RM and LM also behave like wingers. With the central midfielders at the centre, the strikers are well set to get a lot of passes and crosses here in this formation. Hence chances will be available in plenty.

Teams : Manchester United, Liverpool, Spurs

Players : Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez, Antonio Valencia, Gareth Bale, Nemanja Vidic, Kyle Walker, Patrice Evra, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes

4-3-1-2 :

This is a very peculiar formation which is followed by very few teams around the world but it still has its own significance. While the strikers are placed a bit wide, the central midfielder plays the pivot role here being the provider basically. While there is a CDM in place for box to box play while the other two central midfielders basically concentrate on passing. To be simple , they act as the playmakers.

Teams : AC Milan

Players : Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kevin Prince Boateng, Antonio Cassano, Wesley Sneijder, Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi,

4-1-2-1-2 :

While this formation appears a little out of the box, this can turn out to be a threatening kind of one as there is importance to each and every front. The back four are rock solid while there is a CDM to take care of tackling and dispossession. The central midfielders are placed a bit more wide than usual inorder to flank the strikers just in case. Meanwhile,  the CAM is bit of a striker himself.

Teams : Chelsea, Santos

Players : Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Paulo Henrique Ganso, Scott Parker, Neymar, John Terry, Michael Essien, Juan Mata

4-2-2-2 :

This formation is considered as the most balanced one as there isn’t any compromise on any front here. As there are 2 CDMs here, it is likely that your team possesses the ball a lot and also with the two central midfielders in place, chances will be created in plenty. All the strikers need to do is to finish and they need to be aerial threats.

Teams : Manchester City

Players : Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Mesut Ozil, Yaya Toure, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Vincent Kompany

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