Can i backup my Android smartphone applications?

We’ve been receiving quite a few queries from our readers about backing up Android applications, In this post, you’ll find out the different ways to do that.

Restoring your Apps without Backing up in the First place:

Sometimes, backing up your Android apps doesn’t even make sense, since our Android market account (integrated with the Google account you’ve added to you phone) contains the list of all the applications you’ve downloaded before. You just have to head on to the Market > My Apps and download all of them. Since the size of more of these applications are negligible the process doesn’t take a long time if you have a reasonably fast connection to the Internet.

Restoring your Android apps with Dedicated Apps:

If your phone is rooted, you can try the Titanium Backup application. It not only backs up the apps, but also your preferences, etc. For those who haven’t rooted their phones file managers like Astro and aTrackDog will be helpful in backing up the applications files.

Hopefully, these tips will help you backup your Android applications to restore them easily if you had to delete them or reset you phone.

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