How to make a .pst file in Microsoft Outlook 2013?

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On the other day, my friend was inquiring about storing  his personal data in Outlook 2013 personal folders. These are usually dubbed as PST files. Those are useful for storing all correspondence related to a particular subject in a separate folder, so searching and retrieval when offline will be easy.

Follow the steps given below to create pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook 2013.
  • Under Home tab, select New Items.
  • Select More Items in the drop down and choose Outlook Data File.


  • Browse the location where you would like to store the pst file.
  • Enter a name for the file and click on OK.

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  • From time to time you would like to backup your PST files to an external device or network folder.
  • For increased security you might want to password protect your PST file.
  • You are free to use as many PST files as needed. This will come handy to sort email related to specific people, projects or time frame. Make sure one of them is set as default.
  • You can also create sub-folders under the existing Outlook file, by selecting New Folder in the drop down obtained by right clicking on the psd file in Outlook.


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