The three best apps for checking up on email on Android

One of the main tasks that we perform in a smartphone is check our email box. Therefore, a  good email app is an absolutely must requirement for any platform that’s intended for smartphones and tablets. In this post, we take a look at the 3 best email app for Android, whose growth has exploded recently thanks to open architecture and good customizability.


If you’ve a Gmail account, Android is definitely the way to go. It has excellent Gmail support baked in, with the app being better than those available for iOS or Windows Phone. The Gmail app for Android has full support for labels, priority inbox, conversation mode, multiple accounts, and search filters. Gmail also comes pre-installed on all Android phones, so you don’t have to install anything.

Yahoo! Mail

If Yahoo! Mail is more of your thing, Yahoo! has you covered with their excellent mail app for Android. The app mimics the recently redesigned Yahoo! Mail interface, and offers tight integration with Yahoo! Messenger for Android. To install Yahoo! Mail, just search for it on the Android Market from your phone.

K-9 Mail

Not everyone uses Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, and for those who don’t, there’s K-9 Mail. This app is extremely fast, and supports multiple accounts through POP, IMAP, and Exchange. Android itself includes a similar app called Mail (yeah, just Mail), but K-9 just blows it out of the water with the features provided. K-9 can be downloaded from either the Android Market, or AppBrain.

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