How to hide my Calendar on My Space 1.0 and 2.0 ?

Code to hide or remove the calendar on MySpace


Tray asks: I would like to get rid of my Calendar section on MySpace. Any thoughts about the Codes i will need to use on my MySpace layout 2.0 for that?


Thanks for your question, Tray. You can hide the calendar box in MySpace 2.0 using some CSS code that you can grab from the widget below (For those of us working on the traditional layout, the easiest way for hiding the calendar is to go to manage calendar>>options>>Disable Calendar Sharing).

Back to the 2.0 profile: go ahead and post the required code to your MySpace profile (by clicking on Copy) from the following widget. Here you’ll find detailed instructions on how to apply CSS code to your MySpace 2.0 profile.


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  1. liz says:

    hi,i’m having a problem with the calender link on my 1.0 page and i tried everything from going back to 2.0 and disabling it and also copying and pasting that code that you have is there a way for my to remove the calender view/edit all link???..

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