How to make your MySpace blog Private?


How can i make my MySpace blog private? I mean that it will be accessible only to friends. 


Keeping your online privacy is no doubt an issue over at MySpace. Blogs are no exception. Sometimes you would like to share your thoughts with your friends and not with the entire world. Here’s a quick procedure that will help to set a Myspace private blog:

  1. Login to MySpace.
  2. Click Manage Blogs.
  3. From the My Controls section, click Post new Blog
  4. At the bottom of the new blog entry, you’ll find the Privacy section.  
  5. Check the Friends radio button – this will make your blog entry accessible only by your Friends.
  6. If satisfied, Click Save all changes.

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  2. Samber says:

    how do i make all of my hundred and some blog posts private all at once? your instructions will just do it for on specific entry

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