How to delete my Yahoo mail account ?

| May 20, 2007 | 68 Comments

Deleting a Yahoo Mail account


I want to delete my Yahoo account. How can i achieve it?


A few caveats before you go ahead and start the process of getting rid of your Yahoo ID:

  1. Even after you delete your yahoo mail account and ID, people will be able to send you emails for 90 days following the account deletion.
  2. If you delete your Yahoo! email account you are actually also deleting your Yahoo! page, Yahoo! Geocities page, your Yahoo! Jobs profile and other Yahoo! services.
  3. After deleting your account you won’t be able to re-create it.
  4. If you subscribed to any premium services (business hosting etc’), cancel those first�before you delete your account. Yahoo! doesn’t guarantee that deleting your Yahoo account will immediately cancel the billing for any premium services you’re subscribed to. This is a crucial point if you are hosting your website or blog with Yahoo!.

If you still want to delete proceed as following:

  1. Grab your list of contacts and update them that your yahoo email address won’t be active any more (remember, mails might reach your yahoo account in the following 90 days without you be able to read them.
  2. Navigate to the termination page and click Terminate.
  3. An alternative approach which I recommend in case you don’t want to use Yahoo! email any more, is to simply stop using it. After 90 days of no activity, Yahoo will automatically close your account.

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  1. yazulyadi says:

    delete my account please

  2. zoya khan says:

    i want to delete my id and also my password from yahoo

  3. muneeba says:

    i want to delet my account

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delete my account.

  5. sudhakarrao says:

    pls delete my yahoo account

  6. please help me to delete my account i have another one already

  7. don ferris says:

    please delete my account now…………………..

  8. hardipsahota says:

    iwant to delete my yahooid

  9. shashi kanth says:

    i want delete my account urgently

  10. khatantuul says:

    I want to close my yahoo ID and account.

  11. parivarthan says:

    i have so many email id so i want to delete my id and account

  12. Anonymous says:

    it not open my email id

  13. Rhythm says:

    it not open my email id

  14. sela says:

    Plz help me delet my yahoo bc i all ready have wone

  15. yougensubba says:

    i want to close my ymail id and want to creat a new id immedietly.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i want to deletye my account

  17. lost says:

    I have ended up with 3 email accounts where the id doesn’t match the password. what can I do?

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