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  • How to customize your Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 keyboard settings?

    September is here again, and as always is time to get ready for the new releases of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and EA Sports’ FIFA 14. In this short post we’ll learn how to customize the keyboard controls of PES 2014. We’ll start by accessing the Settings dialog. This is done via Start>> Konami>> […]

  • How to create an Outlook contact group?

    Serge asked us the following question: Hey. I would like to create a mailing list that includes folks from work as well as personal contacts. Is it something I can do on my own, or should I wait for the IT guys to help me out with this one? Your help is appreciated! Thanks Serge […]

  • How to set an out of the office message in Outlook 2013?

    Debbie asks: The other day I sent a note to a friend and got a nice automatic reply from her stating she was on vacation and a list of contact people to be contacted when she’s away. Can you explain how can I make such a message and have it posted automatically next time I […]

  • How to insert macros in Outlook 2013 messages?

    Dayton asked us the following question: I  understood that I can use Macros in order to automate worksheet processing on Microsoft Excel. In Outlook I am looking for a similar capability in order to automate a data import from Excel into my Outlook message. For some reason I don’t see a way to Record Macros […]

  • How to lock or unlock rows and columns in Excel 2013?

    Here’s a note from Diana: I have a pretty fancy Excel workbook I got from a colleague. Out of curiosity I would like to ask about the way to lock a specific column or row, so when scrolling down those will stay visible. Your help is appreciated. Thanks for your question. The Excel Freeze Panes […]

  • How to access the Visual Basic editor in Office 2013?

    Here’s a question we received from James: I just finished to record a Macro in Excel 2013, and I would like to edit it. For some reason I don’t find any way to open the Visual Basic for Applications editor from the View menu. Any ideas? Thanks for the question James. Note that after recording […]

  • How to automatically receive email in Outlook 2013?

    Here’s a note we received from Xavier: I am using Outlook 2013 to read my Hotmail. The thing is that by default, Outlook refreshes my inbox every hour or so. Is there a way to make Outlook automatically refresh every 5 minutes or less? Thanks Xavier for this question. As a matter of fact you […]

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